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    Growing Young: A Doctor's Guide To The New Anti-Aging, by physician and health journalist Marcus L. Gitterle, M.D., is about the revolutionary changes that have taken place in Anti-Aging over the past ten years, and how to access those breakthroughs to prevent illness, slow and even reverse the aging process.

    This Book Enables Anyone To

    • Begin a powerful Anti-Aging program immediately, regardless of your budget, or pre-existing health conditions.
    • Access natural hormone balancing methods that do away with the need for controversial, high-priced growth hormone injections, while producing remarkable benefits
    • Learn about the recently discovered, secret "switches," inside every human cell, that have been scientifically proven to reverse cellular aging. Activating them is easier than you may think.

    Do You Take Supplements?

    • Find out why traditional anti-oxidants don't work
    • Quit wasting money on junk supplements
    • Powerful and affordable supplements you haven't heard of yet that will revolutionize your health

    Find Out Why You Are Not Losing Weight

    • Nobel Prize winning research shows diet is key to controlling the aging process
    • Quit counting calories, while losing up to eight pounds per week, while eating as much as you need to to feel satisfied. They key is simply knowing a few, newly proven rules about food types, and insulin resistance.
    • Learn why "insulin-resistance" is a key component of chronic disease risk, even for non-diabetics, and learn simple strategies to say goodbye to this disease causing epidemic forever.
    • Understand why the dreaded "Metabolic Syndrome" is a lifestyle choice, plain and simple, and learn how to eliminate this number one risk factor.
    • Find out how anyone, using diet alone can build a "firewall" of defense against heart disease and stroke.
    • Learn why diet's often labeled as "ultra healthy" are anything but

    Real Anti-Aging At 1/10 The Cost

    • Access a comprehensive age-reversal program, while spending one-tenth the cost of a standard, Anti-Aging clinic regimen.
    • Find out why the most powerful disease risk-reducers are not being promoted at all, and why your doctor has never heard of them, from a practicing doctor and anti-aging expert.
    • Why expensive hormone injections are not the answer
    • How "upstream regulation" can naturally optimize pituitary function, for dramatic benefits

    Stay With Your Own, Trusted Provider

    • Stay with your family doctor, yet obtain anti-aging benefits beyond anything you previously expected.
    • Learn why high-priced Anti-Aging clinics have built-in biases that keep them from advocating the simplest, most powerful, natural strategies.
    • Learn how to become your own primary care provider's best ally (Hint: she will want to pick your brain and find out exactly how you are becoming so youthful, and why your test results are steadily improving).
    • Find out why a powerful Anti-Aging regimen does not require a prescription!
    • Be empowered to take control of your own age-reversal program, within one week.

    Learn From A Doctor Who Teaches Other Doctors

    • Learn key strategies previously only taught by the author to other M.D.'s seeking to learn the latest and greatest Anti-Aging breakthroughs. Teach them to your own doctor.
    • Be among the first to access breakthrough, Anti-aging knowledge that has up to now been in the hands of only a small handful of individuals.

    Exercise Breakthroughs Slash Workout Time And Increase Gains

    • Find out why most people are mis-using the potential of exercise, wasting time and effort on outmoded and ineffective exercise methods.
    • Supercharge your exercise regimen now, for age-reversing benefits you will feel and see immediately

    Take Charge of Risk Factors

    • Reduce cancer risk 75-90%, with clinically proven strategies that are downright cheap, but incredibly powerful.
    • Find out why inflammation is responsible for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke, and many other, common diseases.
    • Stop chronic inflammation in its tracks with simple, scientifically proven methods.
    • Learn to stop arthritis pain in its tracks, using newly identified, cellular inflammation "switches," and why this is vastly preferable to older, dangerous prescription methods.
    • Make your heart and brain function like they did when you were years younger, using cellular age reversal.
    • Learn how Alzheimer's Disease risk can be easily slashed, using completely natural, newly discovered methods.
    • Eliminate pre-diabetes, and even reverse established Type II diabetes, with simple, evidence-base

    Make Sleep A Dependable Ally

    • Learn secrets of sleep that your doctor is unlikely to know about.
    • Understand how millions are risking cancer, simply because of the way they setup their sleep environment; eliminate this risk today!
    • Better Than Cleansing: Cellular Debris Removal Takes Years Off Cellular Age
    • Access clinically proven methods for reducing cellular garbage accumulation
    • Gain benefits beyond conventional "cleansing" strategies
    • Why heart, brain and eye health benefit immediately from this deep, cellular cleaning

    Energy Is Key To Cellular Health

    • Find out why a breakthrough that ought to cost hundreds of dollars per month, can dramatically upgrade cellular energy, for pennies a day
    • Alzheimer's risk depends on the function of a key cell component that declines with age; find out how to eliminate this component of disease risk, immediately

    Anti-Aging Has Come of Age

    More importantly, it is now within reach of anyone who values their health. This book can show anyone how to create their own, powerful and comprehensive anti-aging program.

    Dr. Gitterle is renowned for being able to communicate medical information in a way that is very understandable, and empowering.

    If you have ever wanted to put a health book down after a few pages because it put you to sleep, you will be very pleasantly surprised.

    This book is unlike any book on the subject. It's like having the benefit of a private consultation with an Anti-Aging expert who also happens to have a gift for making powerful health-knowledge, very understandable.

    What's Inside Growing Young: A Doctor's Guide To The New, Anti-Aging Medicine?

    • What Aging Really Is (this will surprise you)
    • Why Aging Is Really 9 Different Things
    • The 9 Keys To Age Reversal
    • How To Access The Nine Keys of Age-Reversal Affordably and Naturally
    • How To Track Your Results (if you are so inclined)
    • The Secrets of Sleep and Aging (they will surprise you)
    • The Keys To Anti-Aging Exercise


    To Obtain Your Copy, Choose One of These Links

    Growing Young: A Doctor's Guide To The New Anti-Aging (191 page paperback)

    E-Book also available, with bonus books, including Men: Before You Start Testosterone Replacement Read This (20.00 value), and Synergy Matrix Superfoods Preview (six chapters of my upcoming guide to Anti-Aging superfoods).